What we do different


All buildings are not equal


  • Our tbc standard building is built with 26 gauge pbr sheet metal panels strongest on the market, while others use significantly cheaper 29 gauge ip36 sheet metal panels.

  • We build with 6x6 post and 2x6's throughout the entire building. Girts and Perlins, we never use 2x4's for perlins.

  • Our buildings come standard with concrete! We come out form up your building pad and pour concrete then let it sets and cure for at least 72hours.

  • We Build on top of the concrete and anchor to it with concrete wedge anchors 1/2"x4" and angle brackets on our post.

  • Drop in perlins with joist hangers

  • Pre engineered Trusses on 10' centers.

  • We use a Epdm rubber for a sill gasket. it never deteriorates.

  • We will provide stamped engineered plans if it is required for permitting or at the request of the customer.

  • We will build to customers requests as everything we do is custom and price accordingly.