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40x60x14 w/10x30 lean to 

15x20x10 w/5x20 lean to

20x30x10 with 10x30 lean to

15x20x10 with 5x20 lean to 

20x30x14 with 2-10x30 enclosed lean to’s



40x60x10 FUTURE barndo

25x30x10 with 10x30 lean to

Enclosed lean to with glass doors

30x40x16 with a 10x40 lean to

35x40x12 Horse barn

15x50 with a 10x50 lean to

30x40x12 with a 10x40 CONTINUOUS lean to

25x40x10 with french doors


Pool House

20x30x10 with 10x30 lean to

20x20x10 with 10x20 lean to



10x20x8 with 10x20 lean to

15x20x10 with 10x20 lean to 1ft overhang with soffit

20x30x10 with 10x30 lean to 

40x60x10 horse barn with living quaters


30x45x16 with 10x45 porch

14x50 Enclosed lean to addition

30x30x10 with 10x15 enclosed lean to

20x30x10 with 10x30 lean to

10x12x8 Loafing shed

Building add On's available for an additional cost

  • Lean to's with or with-out concrete 

  • Wraped porch 

  • 1-2ft over hang 

  • 1-2ft over hang with soffit

  • 1-2ft over hang with soffit & can lights

  • Horse Stalls

  • French Doors

  • Cupola 2'x2'

  • Cupola 4'x4'

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Insulation

  • Osb Decking

  • Tyvek 

Materials & Warranties  

Built with All the Best Products:

  • 6x6 treated solid post 5 ft on center

  • Stripped with treated 2x6 lumber from the floor to the ceiling

  • Engineered trusses set 10 ft on center with a 4/12 pitch

  • 26 gauge baked-on enamel metal

  • 4" slab of concrete with a nice thickened edge

  • 3500 mix with Fiber mesh, standard pour

  • 1 garage door (Residential or Roll up) 8x7 can be upgraded to bigger door

  • 1 pre hung 36" metal walk through door


  • Limited Lifetime warranty on steel siding

  • 35 year warranty on wood framing

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All pictures are example of buildings that can be built not all are actual buildings of the berry's customs