please design your building in our 3d design page and we will send you a quote.

Bolt up buildings

For pricing please contact us when you are ready as steel cost change on a daily basis.

Dirt work for building pads:  we will run the skidsteer for free for 8hrs or equivlate to 1 day. hours over 8hrs will be charge at $200 an hour.

We will not dig down. Dirt is almost alway requried to be trucked in unless you do the pad yourself.

If you choose to do the dirt work yourself it must be level within 1 inch

If dirt has to be brought in we pass that cost directly on to you with no mark up. Dirt averages $250-300 a dump truck load. Most of our customers don't spend over $1000-$2500 in dirt work.

Buildings over 12' high do require aerial equipment customer will be charged $400 per day for equipment

Piers or footings are a additional cost if required for permit.

Taxes! Everyone loves them. We do charge tax applicable to your location. Unless you are tax exempt.

We sell you a building, we do not sell you materials.