Here at tbc, we pay close attention to detail, and will always go the extra mile to see that all of our jobs are completed the tbc way, the only way. We have set a standard that we live and work by, and this has allowed us to grow and flourish over the years. Hard work and dedication from our entire team is the key to customer satisfaction, which Tbc Building & Concrete employees strive for each and every day.

What to Expect from tbc 

  • No obligation in person quote, we do ask that you are serious about buying a building before you invite us out

  • Prompt Phone call from initial contact

  • We listen to customer’s keeping in mind the budget.

  • We are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and dependable.

  • As construction starts the crew continuously works on this project until it is completed.

tbc Will keep YOU in the loop on the schedule, the process and any problems that may occur